Termite Treatment Brisbane


Are Termites Destroying Your Home? We Have The Solution – Let Us Protect Your Home.

Termites can attack a home undetected and cause a large damage repair bill. Protecting your home against Termites can save you thousands of dollars.

We take it seriously in protecting your home from Termites and we provide a comprehensive Visual Termite Inspection and advise on recommended Termite Management Solutions tailored for your home.

Here at Kneller Termite & Pest Control we only use premium quality, well-known products to defend your home against Termites.

We take the time to explain to you the process, how it works and answer any questions which you may have.



Chemical Treated Zone (Termite Barrier)

A Chemical Treated Zone is designed to treat the exterior of your home foundations with a chemical to kill Termites which come in contact with the chemical in the soil. With the developments of new chemicals in the past few years most commonly used are non-repellents which are undetectable to Termites. As Termites pass through the chemically treated zone they pick up the active chemical ingredient unknowingly and pass it onto other members of the colony and killing Termites.

Treatment Process

  • To get a complete chemical treated zone around your home requires trenching soil areas and drilling small holes in concrete areas on the external of your home. After we complete this we will clean up the areas leaving it as we found it.
  • The chemical treatments we use can last up to 8 years, this will be discussed with you prior to treatment.
  • Once you have a complete chemical treated zone around your home, you can apply for a Termite Damage Insurance policy with our insurance company providing peace of mind for up to 5 years. Terms and Conditions apply* Click Here

Termite Baiting System

A Termite Baiting System is designed to create a Termite interception zone around your home, this will detect Termite activity. Our professional Termite Technicians will regularly monitor the Termite bait stations for you and advise if Termites have been intercepted.

In-Ground Monitoring & Baiting System

  • To install the Termite monitoring and baiting system will require digging a small hole every 3 to 5 meters and inserting the station into the ground. The bait station will be in line with the soil level in grass or gardens so they do not protrude. In some areas, we may require core drilling a small hole into concrete or paver to insert a bait station and covering with a non-slip or steel cover. We will discuss this with you prior to cutting.
  • VIP Pest Control service is provided to ensure your home is pest-free all year with Termite Monitoring & Baiting System package.
  • You will be provided with the information pack upon and ongoing updates from each monitoring and baiting visit from the Professional Termite Technician.
  • You may also be eligible for a Termite Damage Warranty. Ask about this with the Professional Termite Technician.