Visual Termite Inspection (AS3660.2)

An annual Visual Termite Inspection by an Accredited and Licensed Timber Pest Technician is essential for any home owner and can seek early signs of Termite activity and help prevent long term damage which can be caused by a Termite infestation in your home. The Technician will perform a comprehensive Visual Termite Inspection (AS3660.2), internal and external of your home also surrounding areas up to 80 metres or the property boundary. Our specialised tools we use during our inspections consists of, a moister metre, thermal imaging camera and a tapping stick (very important), in addition to our specialised tools we seek out the hot spots for potential Termite activity in and around your home. You are in safe hands when you choose Brisbane Termite & Pest Control for your Visual Termite Inspection with a licensed Timber Pest Technician.

Visual Termite Inspection Report

Timber Pest Technicians are required to conduct Visual Termite Inspections to Australian Standards (AS3660.2) although we exceed these standards during our inspections to ensure you receive a comprehensive Visual Termite Inspection by Brisbane Termite & Pest Control. The report is electronically emailed to you within a few hours and we are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Areas Inspected

During the Inspection we will inspect internal and external of your home; this includes all rooms, the roof void (if accessible), subfloor (if accessible), gardens and surrounding areas (including garden sheds and granny flats). We take the time to conduct a comprehensive Visual Termite Inspection at your home because we understand that your home is a valuable asset that you would like to protect against Termite attack and the extensive damage the can be caused.


Our specialised tools we use are specifically designed for Visual Termite Inspections and required to be used to perform a Visual Termite Inspection (AS3660.2) to Australian Standards. The tapping stick is used to “sound” all accessible timbers internal and external of your home listing for a hollow sound, this can indicate a possible Termite infestation within the timbers. The moister metre is used to measure the moister content of the timber and determine if it unusually moist and further investigation is required. The Thermal imaging camera does not see through walls, only indicating the wall surface temperature. If unusual wall surface temperature is detected it may indicate Termite activity and further investigate is required. The Borescope is a tool used for invasive Termite Inspections and requires drilling a small hole in your wall void or cavity that is deemed necessary for further investigation (of course we will inform you that further investigation is recommended and seek your approval before hand).

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